Our cultivation area of ​​over 40 hectares is in the Agrigento region of Sicily and mainly includes oregano, but also rosemary, sage, chili, mellisse and saffron. Favored by the mediterranean climate, the plants find the ideal environment here for opulent growth and to develop their aromas. This in a harmonious encounter between nature and our great passion for agriculture. At the moment of maximum vegetative opulence, we harvest the freshest parts from the plants in order to dry them and to obtain spices and aromas of unmistakable taste and quality.
Our more than 20 years of experience in the field enables us to continuously improve the quality and quantity of our products. In addition, the dynamism of a family-run company and our passion for our work enable us to fully meet the needs of the customer.

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The Oregano

Oregano description

Oregano of the genus Origanum belongs to the Lamiacea family. It is a herbaceous plant of several years, rustic and 40-80 cm tall, with an upright and branched stem and small, oval leaves. The flowers are small, pink or white and forming terminal grapes. repliky cartier

Oregano As Food

Oregano is used to flavor meat, salads, pizza and other dishes from the mediterranean cuisine. An infusion of the flowers or a wine tincture has excellent digestive and stimulating properties.

Oregano cultivation

Our heracleocticum plants come from original, spontaneously growing plants from our area and are propagated by clump division.копии часов replique oris


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